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Andrew Wilson

India Shields The Russian Diamond Industry: A Strategic Move

India’s recent actions in supporting Russia through importing crude oil and revitalizing the Russian diamond industry have raised eyebrows in the international community. This article explores the implications of India’s strategic decisions. India’s strategic manoeuvres in 2024 have placed it…

Female Power Shines in Diamond District

See how women are transforming New York's Diamond District, breaking barriers and shining bright in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Diamonds Go Green: SCS 007 Diamond Certification – Revolutionizing Sustainability

Journey into the heart of the diamond industry's sustainable revolution, where ethics and eco-consciousness redefine luxury.

Brilliant Earth Shines, Signet Dims in Sales

Gain insight into how Brilliant Earth's ethical focus and online savvy outshine Signet's traditional approach in the evolving jewelry market.

Navigating the Secondhand Luxury Goods Market: Trends and Insights

Gain insights into the booming secondhand luxury goods market, where sustainability meets opulence, and discover what's driving its unprecedented growth.

Doubling Down on Brilliant Moissanite

Jewelry lovers are turning to moissanite for its dazzling beauty and ethical appeal, discover why this gem is the future of luxury.

The Psychology Of Jewellery

Immerse in the psychology of jewellery, where each piece whispers tales of identity, tradition, and love, inviting you to unravel its hidden stories.

What Are Superdeep Diamonds and What Is Their Appeal?

Holding Earth's deepest secrets, superdeep diamonds dazzle with their rare beauty and mysterious origins, beckoning explorers of both science and splendor.

Lab Diamonds Sold as Naturals: Use Powerful Detection Equipment to Uncover Deception!

Unveil the technologies that distinguish lab-grown diamonds from natural ones, safeguarding the jewelry industry's integrity and…

The Synthetic Diamond Dilemma: Navigating Sustainability, Ethics, and Market Realities

Synthetic diamonds lose their luster as environmental and ethical concerns rise; prompting a reevaluation of their role in sustainable jewelry.