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About Shaun Leane Jewellery Designer

Explore the fusion of tradition and innovation in Shaun Leane's jewelry, where each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and avant-garde design.

Raksha Bandhan 2024: 5 Jewellery Ideas That Would Be the Best Rakhi Gifts for Your Sister

As Raksha Bandhan approaches, it’s time to find the perfect gift for your sister that reflects the bond you share. Jewellery has always been a timeless and cherished gift, symbolizing love, tradition, and lasting memories. This year, make Raksha Bandhan…

The 2024 Lab-Grown Diamond Glut: Market is Under Pressure

Plummeting prices and a surge in supply are reshaping the lab-grown diamond market—discover how retailers and consumers are navigating these turbulent times.

UK Hallmarking Fell by 17.6% in 2023

In 2023, UK hallmarking plummeted by 17.6% due to economic turmoil and shifting consumer trends—discover the key factors driving this decline.

The Diamond Market in 2024

Uncover the transformative trends shaping the diamond market in 2024, from lab-grown gems to the rising allure of misfit stones.

The Lab-Grown Diamond Glut: A Market in Flux

TL;DR The diamond industry is facing a lab-grown diamond glut, due to increased production, lower prices, and shifting consumer preferences. These factors are affecting the value and perception of lab-grown diamonds compared to natural diamonds. The once-booming lab-grown diamond market…

The US Imposed Sanctions on Russian Diamonds: Now Rolling Them Back

TL;DR The US stance on the G7 Russian diamond ban reflects a cautious approach towards addressing the complexities of the diamond industry and international relations. The ongoing reevaluation underscores the importance of balancing economic, geopolitical, and industry interests for a…

How Does Marketing Influence the Purchase of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

See how strategic marketing transforms consumer perceptions and drives the demand for lab-grown diamonds by highlighting their ethical and environmental benefits.

Predictions for the Lab-Grown Diamond Market and Consumer Acceptance

Know the key trends and predictions shaping the lab-grown diamond market and consumer acceptance; discover what's driving this eco-friendly luxury revolution.

Gems Across Cultures: The Global Tapestry of Diamond Jewellery Design

One glimpse into 'Gems Across Cultures: The Global Tapestry of Diamond Jewellery Design' reveals the enchanting fusion of tradition and modernity—discover the rest.