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Lab-Grown Diamonds

Revolution in Lab Diamond Growth with Liquid Metal: A Paradigm Shift

TL;DR: Novel lab diamond growth method in liquid metal at ambient pressure offers significant implications for scientific research, scalability in industrial applications, and potential technological advancements. This article examines a recent research article by Yan Gong and a team of…

The 2024 Lab-Grown Diamond Glut: Market is Under Pressure

Plummeting prices and a surge in supply are reshaping the lab-grown diamond market—discover how retailers and consumers are navigating these turbulent times.

The Diamond Market in 2024

Uncover the transformative trends shaping the diamond market in 2024, from lab-grown gems to the rising allure of misfit stones.

The Lab-Grown Diamond Glut: A Market in Flux

TL;DR The diamond industry is facing a lab-grown diamond glut, due to increased production, lower prices, and shifting consumer preferences. These factors are affecting the value and perception of lab-grown diamonds compared to natural diamonds. The once-booming lab-grown diamond market…

How Does Marketing Influence the Purchase of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

See how strategic marketing transforms consumer perceptions and drives the demand for lab-grown diamonds by highlighting their ethical and environmental benefits.

Predictions for the Lab-Grown Diamond Market and Consumer Acceptance

Know the key trends and predictions shaping the lab-grown diamond market and consumer acceptance; discover what's driving this eco-friendly luxury revolution.

The Evolution of Diamonds: From Earth’s Depths to Lab-Grown Marvels

TL;DR Lab-grown diamonds are challenging the dominance of natural diamonds in the market, posing questions about authenticity and value. Diamonds have long been revered as the ultimate luxury item, symbolizing beauty, rarity, and durability. However, the traditional diamond industry is…

NDC Complaint Sees Skydiamond Banned From Using ‘Misleading’ Ads

Skydiamond faces an advertising ban after NDC's complaint about misleading eco-friendlier claims; what does this mean for the future of lab-grown diamonds?

Lab Diamonds Sold as Naturals: Use Powerful Detection Equipment to Uncover Deception!

Unveil the technologies that distinguish lab-grown diamonds from natural ones, safeguarding the jewelry industry's integrity and…

Engagement Rings are Changing in 2024: Lab-grown Diamonds are Taking Over!

According to the wedding website The Knot, almost half of couples who got married last year chose a lab-grown diamond for their engagement ring. We are seeing a significant change in buyer preferences that consumers and retailers must be aware…