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Elevating the Ocean Blues: The Taura Collection by Inés Nieto

Submerse Yourself in the Depths of Elegance and Heritage

A Nautical Narrative in Jewellery Design

Imagine the sun-drenched coast of the Mediterranean, its blues and whites harmonizing in a serene symphony. Now, envisage those tones immortalized in jewellery that narrates a story of sea, sand, and sky. Inés Nieto, a Spanish jeweller, introduces the Taura collection, a sophisticated ode to her seaside upbringing and a touchstone to her cultural heritage.

The Artistic Voyage of Inés Nieto

The Artistic Confluence: Picasso, Calatrava, and Balenciaga

Inés Nieto, a name synonymous with modern elegance and historical homage, merges her love for art and antiquities with jewellery design. The Spanish artists Picasso, Calatrava, and Balenciaga echo in her creations, where geometric boldness meets meticulous craftsmanship. The Taura collection is a testament to her ‘understated power’ philosophy, where simple forms yield a bold statement.

Each piece of the Taura collection is a journey from Inés Nieto’s Spanish roots, conceptualized in London and brought to life in Geneva’s famed ateliers. Her active lifestyle and her daughter’s dance influence the comfort and versatility of her jewellery, transitioning gracefully from day to evening wear. Rings take center stage in her designs, transforming from simple adornments to expressive art.

The Stones That Speak: Paraiba Tourmaline and Cacholong

A Palette of Ocean Hues: Inés Nieto’s Chromatic Mastery

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Inés Nieto’s passion for the Paraiba tourmaline’s electric hues is evident in her dedication to the stone’s diverse spectrum. The cacholong’s porcelain-like quality alongside the vibrancy of the tourmaline evokes the contrast of Mediterranean white towns against the sea—a visual feast of pastels complemented by rose gold’s warmth.

Innovation Meets Tradition: The Taura Collection

Bullish on Design: The Taura Collection’s Inspiration

The Taura collection draws from the iconic Spanish bull, abstractly represented in jewellery form. The collection incorporates varied cuts of diamonds and the mesmerizing glow of tourmaline, embedded in designs that pay homage to Spanish culture and the leisurely Mediterranean life.

The Taura Collection: The Embodiment of Mediterranean Essence

The Taura collection by Inés Nieto is not just a line of jewellery; it’s a narrative of cultural richness, design innovation, and a love letter to the Mediterranean coast. It’s an invitation to wear a story, to adorn oneself with pieces that whisper tales of sun, sea, and Spanish splendour.

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