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Diamond Trade

France Decrees Lab Diamonds Are Synthetic Diamonds

The French government’s decision to enforce the use of the term “synthetic” for lab-grown diamonds raises questions about consumer understanding and acceptance, sparking a captivating debate on the future of the diamond industry.

Anglo American Might Write Down the Value of De Beers in 2024

New chapter for De Beers as Anglo American announces a major write-down in 2024, signaling shifts in the diamond industry; read on to discover what's next.

Time to Tackle the Chinese Diamond Industry’s Pre-Pandemic Challenges

As members of the esteemed diamond industry, we stand united at a pivotal juncture. Our collective journey forward necessitates a proactive engagement with the sector’s pre-pandemic challenges. Beyond the recent upheavals, we must address the economic fluctuations that have long…

Why China’s Diamond Market Is in Trouble in 2024

Year 2024 unveils a crisis in China's diamond market, rocked by falling prices, dwindling demand, and a surprising shift towards lab-grown gems – discover why.

What Is Our Luxury Jewelry Market Forecast for 2024?

Keeping abreast with the luxury jewelry market; expect dynamic growth in 2024; driven by consumer purchasing power, innovation and online retail, despite potential obstacles.

Why You Need to Screen Every Diamond That Comes Into Your Business

While much discussion about lab-grown diamonds has centred on the question of whether they’re taking market share from naturals, less has been said about lab-growns possibly infiltrating the mined diamond supply chain. The diamond trade needs to adapt to the…

De Beers Tracr Platform Unveiled to Revolutionise Rough Diamond Sales

New blockchain-based Tracr platform by De Beers revolutionizes rough diamond sales; promising unparalleled transparency

De Beers Slashes Prices Amid a Crushing Sales Slump

Battling a sales slump, De Beers cuts diamond prices—what will this mean for the luxury market?

Rio Tinto Plane Crash Diavik Mine, January 23, 2024

A catastrophe at Diavik: uncovering the mystery behind Rio Tinto's plane crash that shakes the core of the mining world.

New Sanctions on Russian Diamonds Will Change the Global Trade in Gems

New sanctions on Russian diamonds promise to revolutionize the gem trade; but how will the industry adapt to this seismic shift ?