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Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Disrupting the Diamond Industry

Lab-grown diamonds are revolutionising the diamond industry by offering identical stones at a lower price. With recent advancements in technology, these diamonds can be grown in a matter of weeks and are about two-thirds the price of mined diamonds. In…

Lightbox’s Bold Leap into Creative Alliances: Transforming the World of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Unveiling a New Era in Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry with Lightbox’s Design Collaborations Lightbox, the De Beers-owned lab-grown diamond brand, marks a significant milestone in its journey, venturing into its first-ever design collaborations. This strategic move positions Lightbox at the forefront…

Retailers Are Pushing for Smaller Lab-Grown Detectors – De Beers: A Look at Industry Trends and Technological Innovation

Unveiling the New Era of Lab-Grown Diamond Detection: A Retail Revolution In an industry where authenticity and trust are paramount, the rising demand for lab-grown diamond detection devices in retail stores marks a significant shift. De Beers, a name synonymous…