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Retailers Are Pushing for Smaller Lab-Grown Detectors – De Beers: A Look at Industry Trends and Technological Innovation

Unveiling the New Era of Lab-Grown Diamond Detection: A Retail Revolution

In an industry where authenticity and trust are paramount, the rising demand for lab-grown diamond detection devices in retail stores marks a significant shift. De Beers, a name synonymous with diamond expertise, has recognized this trend and is responding with innovative solutions. This article delves into the nuances of this demand, the lab-grown detectors being developed, and the implications for retailers and consumers alike.

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The Growing Demand for In-Store Lab-Grown Detection

1. The Shift Toward Compact Screening Devices

  • Increased Retailer Interest: Jewelers are increasingly seeking lab-grown detection instruments for use within their stores. This shift towards smaller, more accessible devices is driven by the desire to enhance customer trust during transactions.
  • Industry Perspective: Danie Kruger of De Beers Group Ignite highlights this trend, noting the growing preference for instruments that can be easily integrated into the retail environment. You can watch the Rapaport LinkedIn Live presentation here.

2. The Evolution of Diamond Screening Instruments

  • From Labs to Retail Spaces: Historically, diamond screening was confined to laboratories and large wholesalers. Samantha Sibley from De Beers Group Ignite points out the evolution towards retail-friendly devices, adapting to the complexities of screening finished jewelry pieces.

Technological Advancements in Diamond Detection

1. De Beers’ Innovation in Screening Technology

  • Upcoming Launch of AMS Micro: De Beers is set to launch the AMS Micro, a cutting-edge device capable of screening melee diamonds as small as 0.001 carats. This development marks a significant improvement over the existing AMS2 system, which caters to stones of 0.0032 carats and larger.
  • Ensuring Precision and Reliability: Both Sibley and Kruger emphasize the importance of accuracy and handling in De Beers’ instruments, underscoring the brand’s commitment to quality before releasing new technology to the market.
  • Smaller, Faster and Flexible: The instrument, a part of De Beers Group Ignite’s Automated Melee Screening (AMS) range, has been in development for 18 months. It will allow for fast and automated verification of up to 3,600 stones per hour in the 0.001- to 0.0033-carat range. The machine is set to be launched in early 2023. Sarandos Gouvelis, head of De Beers Group Ignite, believes that this new instrument will enhance the company’s technology for screening synthetic diamonds, making it easier and quicker for diamond businesses to ensure product integrity.
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2. The Challenge of Screening Intricate Jewelry Designs

  • Adapting to Complex Pieces: The move towards screening finished jewelry presents new challenges, as detecting lab-grown diamonds in intricate designs is more complex than screening single stones.

Market Impact and Future Outlook For Lab-Grown Detectors

1. Impact on Retailers and Consumers

  • Enhanced Customer Confidence: The availability of advanced screening technology in stores is expected to boost consumer confidence, ensuring the authenticity of their purchases.
  • A Shift in Retail Dynamics: Retailers equipped with lab-grown detectors are likely to gain a competitive edge, offering added value to their customers through transparent and trustworthy transactions.

2. Anticipated Market Adoption

Embracing the Future: The Impact of Advanced Diamond Screening in Retail

The demand for compact, efficient lab-grown detectors within the retail sector reflects a broader trend towards transparency and trust in the jewelry industry. De Beers’ development of the AMS Micro is a testament to their commitment to innovation, meeting the evolving needs of both retailers and consumers. As technology advances, it’s evident that the industry is poised for a future where authenticity is seamlessly verified, enhancing the customer experience and reinforcing the value of genuine diamonds.

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