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Geopolitical Impact Diamond Industry

India Shields The Russian Diamond Industry: A Strategic Move

India’s recent actions in supporting Russia through importing crude oil and revitalizing the Russian diamond industry have raised eyebrows in the international community. This article explores the implications of India’s strategic decisions. India’s strategic manoeuvres in 2024 have placed it…

The Synthetic Diamond Dilemma: Navigating Sustainability, Ethics, and Market Realities

Synthetic diamonds lose their luster as environmental and ethical concerns rise; prompting a reevaluation of their role in sustainable jewelry.

Russian Diamond Ban Creates Costly Delays, Antwerp Diamond Dealers Say

Global diamond trade wobbles as Antwerp dealers grapple with Russian ban fallout, revealing a world of costly delays and adaptation intrigue.

The Rise of Lab-Grown Diamonds in India and Globally

Exploring the industrial and consumer impact of lab-grown diamonds. Global Contribution of Lab-Grown Diamonds Lab-grown diamonds have revolutionized the diamond industry, offering a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds. India, a global leader in diamond production, has significantly contributed…

Will Lab-Grown Diamond Prices Go Down in 2024?

Investigating the future of lab-grown diamond prices, this analysis explores if the downward trend will continue, stabilize, or reverse in 2024.

A Spotlight on Botswana Diamonds: A Success Story For Natural Diamond Production

In 2023, Botswana stood as the leading global producer of diamonds in terms of value and the second largest in terms of volume. Renowned for their remarkable size, Botswana diamonds play a crucial role in enhancing the country’s infrastructure, contributing…

De Beers Group Is Ready for New G7 Diamond Import Regulations

De Beers Group confirms its readiness for the new G7 diamond import requirements, aided by a collaboration with Sarine Technologies for diamond provenance. TL;DR: De Beers Preparations For The New G7 Regulations De Beers Group CEO prioritizes traceability systems, ensuring…

Diamond Producers Dismayed By G7’s Russian Diamond Ban

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has issued a public statement urging the G7 nations and the European Union to reconsider the potentially irreversible market consequences of the Russian diamond ban. This ban has been imposed as part of…

Anglo American Might Write Down the Value of De Beers in 2024

New chapter for De Beers as Anglo American announces a major write-down in 2024, signaling shifts in the diamond industry; read on to discover what's next.

De Beers Slashes Prices Amid a Crushing Sales Slump

Battling a sales slump, De Beers cuts diamond prices—what will this mean for the luxury market?