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The Synthetic Diamond Dilemma: Navigating Sustainability, Ethics, and Market Realities

Synthetic diamonds lose their luster as environmental and ethical concerns rise; prompting a reevaluation of their role in sustainable jewelry.

De Beers Tracr Platform Unveiled to Revolutionise Rough Diamond Sales

New blockchain-based Tracr platform by De Beers revolutionizes rough diamond sales; promising unparalleled transparency

New Sanctions on Russian Diamonds Will Change the Global Trade in Gems

New sanctions on Russian diamonds promise to revolutionize the gem trade; but how will the industry adapt to this seismic shift ?

Rapaport Urges G7 Leaders: Close Russian Diamond Sanctions Loophole

In response to current geopolitical tensions, the Rapaport Group has issued a compelling call to action directed at G7 leaders. With a clear stance in support of Russian diamond sanctions, the group has emphasized the necessity of implementing robust measures…

Stienhardt & Stones: Leading Lab-Grown Diamonds Manufacturer Now Selling Direct to Consumers

Stienhardt & Stones has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of lab-grown diamonds, defying traditional standards and establishing a direct-to-consumer approach. Their dedication to superior quality, ethical standards, and cutting-edge technology positions Stienhardt & Stones at the forefront…