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De Beers Tracr Platform Unveiled To Revolutionise Rough Diamond Sales.
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De Beers Tracr Platform Unveiled to Revolutionise Rough Diamond Sales

In an era where ethical sourcing and transparency are paramount, the De Beers Tracr platform is a noteworthy development in the diamond industry. By harnessing the immutable nature of blockchain technology, Tracr is poised to offer a new level of assurance in the provenance and ethical standards of rough diamonds.

This system represents a leap forward in securing the integrity of the diamond supply chain and addresses the growing consumer demand for responsible sourcing. As the platform aligns with the principles of the Responsible Jewellery Council, it raises pertinent questions about the future of the diamond trade and the role of technology in meeting ethical expectations.

This innovation has the potential to have an impact on stakeholders from all walks of life, from miners to final consumers. The implications of De Beers’ move are manifold, and one is left to consider how Tracr might redefine the standards and practices of diamond transactions on a global scale.

Key Takeaways About the De Beers Tracr Platform

  • Tracr Platform is a revolutionary sealed bid tender system that provides essential provenance and traceability information for the diamond trade.
  • It offers benefits such as confidential bidding, flexible pricing, and a secure sales channel, enhancing efficiency in sourcing rough diamonds and providing a transparent and traceable supply.
  • The platform’s robust tracking features ensure transparency and authenticity, with the Origin suite providing a digital chronicle of each diamond’s story.
  • RJC membership is a prerequisite for accessing Tracr’s services, promoting ethical practices and sustainability, establishing credibility within the diamond market, and leveraging Tracr’s capabilities.

Tracr Platform Overview

The Tracr platform, an innovative initiative by De Beers, revolutionizes the rough diamond sales market through its sealed bid tender system, offering a confidential and streamlined procurement process for ‘Sightholder’ rough diamond customers and upstream diamond industry stakeholders. This online platform addresses a critical need for transparency and trust in the diamond industry, aligning with the values of the De Beers Group.

Through Tracr, each rough diamond’s journey is meticulously documented, providing prospective buyers with essential provenance and traceability information.

The system is designed to be particularly responsive to evolving trading conditions, safeguard bidder activity, and maintain confidentiality throughout sales. Participants on the platform can place bids independently, free from external influences, ensuring a fair and discreet transaction environment.

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The platform’s flexibility enables buyers to strategically input their desired prices for rough diamonds, improving their ability to manage purchases effectively.

Tracr, which can register 1 million diamonds on its platform per week, claims to be the only diamond blockchain that provides tamper-proof registration and tracking of diamonds.

Tracr has taken several years to come to fruition. According to Reuters, the first successful attempt to use blockchain technology to track diamonds from mine to retailer took place in 2018.

Benefits for the Diamond Trade

Enhancing the efficiency of the diamond trade, De Beers’ Tracr platform offers a seamless and secure method for sourcing rough diamonds, streamlining buyers’ procurement processes worldwide. This online platform revolutionizes De Beers’ production and sales cycles by enhancing transparency and convenience for stakeholders in the natural diamond industry.

Benefits for Diamond TradeDescription
Confidential BiddingThe platform’s bidding system ensures privacy, allowing ‘Sightholder’ buyers to participate in sales cycles without exposing their strategies or influencing market dynamics.
Flexible PricingBuyers can submit their price without external pressures, fostering a fair and commercially viable environment for rough diamond acquisition.
Secure Sales ChannelTracr provides a discreet and reliable means for trading rough diamonds, reinforcing trust and integrity in the diamond market.

The Tracr system is designed to be analytical and precise, offering a digital solution that complements traditional sales methods. By utilizing the platform, clients gain access to a transparent, traceable supply of rough diamonds, which can enhance their market positioning and customer trust. In an era where sustainability and ethical sourcing are paramount, Tracr’s role in certifying the provenance of natural diamonds offers a significant advantage to conscientious consumers and industry players alike.

Provenance Tracking Capabilities

Building upon its capability to streamline the diamond procurement process, De Beers’ Tracr platform further fortifies industry confidence through its robust provenance tracking features, ensuring transparency and authenticity for each diamond in the supply chain. Provenance tracking is pivotal in today’s market, where ethical sourcing and corporate responsibility are paramount. Tracr’s online platform leverages advanced technology to record a diamond’s journey from the mine to the market.

The Origin Suite, a key component of Tracr, celebrates the unique narrative of each stone, elevating the consumer experience by providing a tangible connection to the diamond’s provenance. This suite underscores the joint venture between technology and tradition, providing a digital chronicle of each diamond’s story.

To participate in this provenance tracking system, entities must be members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, aligning with industry standards for ethical practices. This criterion ensures that Tracr’s network comprises reputable partners dedicated to maintaining integrity in the diamond trade.

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With over one million rough diamonds recorded at the source and significant numbers at the manufacturing level, Tracr’s impact on the market is undeniable. De Beers’ commitment to traceability allows both businesses and consumers to engage in the diamond market with a heightened sense of trust and pride in their transactions.

Sleek, Modern Computer Interface Displaying Various Rough Diamonds, With Graphs Showing Sales Data And A World Map Highlighting Global Trade Routes, All On A Tracr Platform Backdrop. De Beers Tracr Platform.
Tracing Diamonds From Rough to Your Jewellery With De Beers Tracr Platform

RJC Membership Requirements

As a gateway to utilizing Tracr’s suite of services, obtaining membership in the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) stands as a fundamental prerequisite for businesses in the diamond industry. The RJC serves as a standard-bearer for ethical practices and sustainability in the global jewellery supply chain, ensuring its members adhere to strict guidelines promoting consumer confidence and industry integrity.

For a diamond company to partake in the benefits of Tracr, which De Beers has meticulously developed, the company must align with RJC’s rigorous compliance framework. This membership is not merely a ceremonial badge but a testament to the company’s commitment to responsible business practices. It is a critical filter, ensuring that only entities that have demonstrated adherence to ethical sourcing, human rights, and environmental stewardship are granted access to Tracr’s capabilities.

IDEX Online and other industry platforms recognise the RJC membership as a cornerstone for establishing credibility within the diamond market. By integrating RJC membership into the onboarding process, Tracr reinforces its mission to foster transparency and trust across the diamond value chain. The RJC’s stamp of approval is essential for any diamond business seeking to leverage the Origin services and the novel digital look-up feature offered by Tracr, affirming their dedication to responsible diamond trading.

Consumer Digital Experience

Recognizing the critical role of RJC membership in establishing trust within the diamond market, Tracr further elevates the consumer experience with its digital platform designed to streamline the rough diamond sales process. The platform introduces a sophisticated blend of transparency and efficiency, redefining how consumers interact with the diamond procurement journey.

Here are key features of the Tracr platform that enhance the digital experience for consumers:

  1. Confidential Bidding: The platform upholds high confidentiality, ensuring that bidders’ identity and activities remain protected. This discreet approach to bidding safeguards market integrity and individual privacy.
  2. Price Input Flexibility: Buyers have the liberty to submit their own price points without external pressures, enabling a more democratic and personal purchasing experience in line with market dynamics.
  3. Efficient Sales Process: Tracr’s design prioritizes a streamlined and user-friendly sales interface, reducing complexities and allowing for a quicker transactional flow.
  4. Market Balance: By providing a tool that supports a balanced supply and demand ecosystem, the platform indirectly enhances the consumer experience by promoting a stable and predictable market.

Through Tracr, De Beers leverages digital innovation to enrich the consumer journey, offering a reliable and modern interface for engaging with the world of rough diamonds. The platform’s design reflects an informed understanding of industry needs and consumer expectations, marking a significant step forward in the digital transformation of diamond sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Was De Beers Banned in the US?

De Beers faced a ban in the United States due to antitrust violations. Specifically, the company was accused of engaging in monopolistic practices within the diamond industry. These practices included price fixing and market domination. As a result, De Beers was deemed to be acting in an anti-competitive manner and in violation of fair trade principles. Legal restrictions were imposed on the company to prevent market manipulation and encourage equitable competition among diamond suppliers and retailers in the US market.

Does De Beers Still Control the Diamond Market?

De Beers no longer holds the dominant position it once did in the diamond market. While it remains a key player, its market control has diminished due to various factors, including the emergence of new competitors and producers along with changes in global trade practices.

Today, the diamond industry is more fragmented, with multiple entities influencing supply, demand, and pricing, thereby reducing De Beers’ previous near-monopoly status.

Who Controls the Diamond Market?

Alrosa, Rio Tinto, and De Beers are just a few of the major players who dominate the diamond market. These entities manage significant shares of the market through their extensive mining operations, distribution channels, and influence over diamond prices.

Nonetheless, the landscape is evolving with new entrants and diversified sources, including synthetic diamond producers, which are increasingly gaining traction and challenging the traditional market dynamics.

What Percentage of Diamonds Are De Beers?

De Beers Group, historically a dominant entity in the diamond industry, has seen its market share decline over time. While it once controlled approximately 90% of the diamond market, recent estimates suggest that De Beers now accounts for roughly 30–40% of the global rough diamond supply.

Market dynamics have shifted with the emergence of new players and changing industry structures, leading to a more fragmented and competitive landscape.

Our Thoughts About The De Beers Tracr Platform

In conclusion, the introduction of the Tracr platform by De Beers Group represents a transformative development in the diamond industry, bolstering transparency and accountability across the supply chain through blockchain technology.

The platform’s alignment with Responsible Jewellery Council standards ensures adherence to ethical practices while providing intricate provenance data that enhances consumer trust.

This innovation heralds a new era for diamond commerce, characterized by heightened corporate responsibility and more informed consumer engagement.

We can see benefits for De Beers and the entire diamond trade in the wake of the G7 and EU sanctions on Russian diamond exports, as it will provide a way for the diamond trade to be reassured that the diamonds they buy will not be sourced from sanctioned sources, whether Russian or otherwise.

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