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Ethical Sourcing

Diamonds Go Green: SCS 007 Diamond Certification – Revolutionizing Sustainability

Journey into the heart of the diamond industry's sustainable revolution, where ethics and eco-consciousness redefine luxury.

Doubling Down on Brilliant Moissanite

Jewelry lovers are turning to moissanite for its dazzling beauty and ethical appeal, discover why this gem is the future of luxury.

De Beers Tracr Platform Unveiled to Revolutionise Rough Diamond Sales

New blockchain-based Tracr platform by De Beers revolutionizes rough diamond sales; promising unparalleled transparency

New Sanctions on Russian Diamonds Will Change the Global Trade in Gems

New sanctions on Russian diamonds promise to revolutionize the gem trade; but how will the industry adapt to this seismic shift ?

G7s Russian Diamond Restrictions: How India Will Manage the New Mechanics of the Global Diamond Trade

Discover how India is adapting to G7s Russian diamond restrictions and shaping the future of the global diamond trade.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Disrupting the Diamond Industry

Lab-grown diamonds are revolutionising the diamond industry by offering identical stones at a lower price. With recent advancements in technology, these diamonds can be grown in a matter of weeks and are about two-thirds the price of mined diamonds. In…