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About By Pariah Jewellery

By Pariah Jewellery, established in London in 2016, presents a sophisticated collection of jewelry that enhances personal style while embracing cultural significance and environmental sustainability.

Each design reflects Caribbean influences and is crafted using advanced techniques with 100% recycled 14K gold and hand-carved gemstones. Committed to eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing, By Pariah ensures each piece not only stands out fashionably but also upholds responsible craftsmanship.

The brand’s offerings include elegant Silver Earrings and luxurious Gold Vermeil pieces, each designed to connect with and enrich the wearer’s story. By Pariah embodies the fusion of luxury with ethical responsibility.

Main Highlights

  • Established in London in 2016, By Pariah is renowned for its distinctive jewellery that draws inspiration from Caribbean culture.
  • The brand is dedicated to environmental responsibility, crafting all its pieces from 100% recycled 14K gold and using ethically sourced, hand-carved natural gemstones.
  • By Pariah is deeply committed to sustainable and ethical practices in sourcing and production.
  • The product range includes not only silver earrings but also collections made from gold vermeil.
  • By emphasizing personal expression and cultural heritage, By Pariah advocates for and actively promotes sustainable fashion.

Our Heritage and Inspiration

Founded in London in 2016, By Pariah crafts unique jewellery inspired by the less-explored regions of the Caribbean. Each piece isn’t merely an accessory but a story derived from the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Caribbean. The designs embody a spirit of exploration and self-expression, appealing to those who value depth and meaning in their jewellery.

Pariah is committed to environmental sustainability, utilizing recycled gold and eco-friendly practices in their jewellery production. This dedication to sustainability is integrated with the brand’s timeless designs, ensuring that their pieces are both ethically made and enduring, suitable for wearing across various seasons and generations.

Wearing By Pariah’s jewellery means more than just owning a beautiful accessory. It involves supporting a brand that prioritizes our planet’s health and values individual expression. Their collections offer a connection to Caribbean heritage, a touch of the exotic, and a commitment to future sustainability. Pariah’s jewellery represents a blend of freedom, responsibility, creativity, and sustainable practices.

The Crafting Process

By Pariah, jewellery originates from pristine, unprocessed materials, meticulously transformed into exquisite pieces through age-old craftsmanship techniques. This process not only revives traditional methods that were nearly lost to time but also celebrates them. Each piece of jewellery combines 100% recycled 14K gold with natural gemstones, specifically chosen for their distinct beauty and natural allure, emphasizing sustainability and ethical sourcing.

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The gemstones are delicately hand-carved, showcasing the artisans’ dedication and skill. This detailed carving process is designed to reveal each stone’s inherent story, highlighting its natural shapes and hues, and connecting with those who appreciate originality over mainstream designs. The use of traditional carving techniques ensures that every piece is crafted with attention and care, distinguishing it from mass-produced items.

Wearing By Pariah jewellery means more than just adorning yourself with a beautiful accessory; it means carrying a piece of the earth, transformed by artisans who honor and preserve the legacy of craftsmanship. By Pariah pieces symbolize uniqueness and enduring artistry, crafted to be noticed in a society that often prioritizes conformity. These pieces aren’t just decorative; they represent a commitment to individuality and the preservation of skilled artisanal practices.

Spotlight on Silver Earrings

As you delve into By Pariah’s collection of silver earrings, you’ll discover that each piece reflects modern trends while maintaining classic elegance.

Proper care of these silver pieces ensures their longevity and continued prominence in your wardrobe.

The 2023 collection uniquely combines sophistication with playful creativity in every design detail.

Silver Earrings Styles

Discover the unique styles of Silver Earrings at By Pariah, including Large Drop Earrings and Jug Hoop Earrings. Each piece embodies the latest trends in silver jewellery, drawing on fashion influences to celebrate individuality and superior craftsmanship. Choose between the graceful drop style or the modern jug hoop to make a bold statement of freedom and self-expression.

To ensure your silver earrings maintain their allure, adhere to simple care instructions. Regular polishing and proper storage are essential to preserve the quality and distinctiveness of your By Pariah earrings.

Trending Designs 2023

After polishing your silver, explore the new, stylish designs By Pariah has released for 2023, with a special focus on elegant silver earrings. The Silver Large Drop Earrings and Jug Hoop Earrings reflect this year’s style trends, combining elegance with a touch of whimsy.

Available for $390 and $325 respectively, these items also come with the option to customize in 14k Gold Vermeil, adding to their appeal andThese earrings are a top choice for fashion-conscious people thanks to celebrity endorsements, which have further increased their popularity.rd individuals.

The Allure of Gold Vermeil

Luxurious Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Exploring By Pariah’s Gold Vermeil collection unveils not just its aesthetic charm but also its robustness and the care it demands. Gold Vermeil, which consists of a substantial layer of gold over sterling silver, strikes a perfect balance between durability and sheen. This ensures that your jewelry remains in excellent condition over time with appropriate maintenance.

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We’ll offer some essential tips to help you keep your Gold Vermeil jewelry looking as brilliant as when you first adorned it.

Gold Vermeil Durability

Gold vermeil provides the opulent look of solid gold while offering enhanced durability, thanks to its composition of a thick 14k gold layer over a sterling silver base. This construction not only ensures a high-quality finish but also contributes to the longevity of the pieces, setting it apart from thinner gold-plated jewelry. Proper care is crucial to maintain the longevity of gold vermeil, though it inherently lasts longer due to its substantial gold overlay.

When compared to solid gold, gold vermeil presents a similar visual appeal and sturdiness, yet is more cost-effective. This affordability makes gold vermeil a preferable choice for those seeking to balance style, quality, and budget.

Care Tips

To preserve the appearance of your gold vermeil jewellery, adhere to these care instructions. Avoid exposing your jewelry to water, harsh chemicals, and perfumes, as these can cause tarnishing.

For cleaning, gently wipe the pieces with a soft cloth; avoid using damp cloths as moisture can damage the gold. Keep your jewelry in a separate box or pouch to prevent scratches and excessive exposure.

Regular care extends the life of your jewellery and ensures it remains ready to wear. If the gold’s luster diminishes, consider having it replated to return it to its original shine. Following these practices will help maintain the lasting beauty of your gold vermeil jewellery.

Ethical Sourcing Practices

By Pariah is committed to ethically sourcing every material used in its jewellery, ensuring that each piece not only embodies luxury but also respects and preserves the integrity of its origins. The brand’s dedication to ethical practices and transparency in sourcing means that when you choose By Pariah, you’re supporting sustainable practices and a responsible fashion industry.

Sophie Howard, the founder of By Pariah, emphasizes the importance of transparency and sustainability throughout the sourcing process. This commitment allows you to wear their jewellery with confidence, knowing that it supports ethical practices and contributes to a more sustainable world.

Celebrating Individuality

Embracing Uniqueness And Diversity

At By Pariah, each piece of jewellery is crafted by hand to highlight your unique style and personal narrative. These pieces are designed not merely as accessories, but as expressions of your identity. Drawing inspiration from the untouched beauty of nature and the clean lines of architecture, our jewelry embodies empowerment and uniqueness.

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Their commitment to craftsmanship ensures that each piece reflects your personal journey, combining timeless designs with versatile appeal. These creations symbolize accessible luxury and are made with high-quality materials through ethical practices.

Choosing By Pariah’s jewellery is more than a fashion statement—it’s an affirmation of your independence in a conformist world. It’s about embracing and celebrating your story every day. Each piece encourages you to express yourself boldly and unapologetically, transforming every moment into a celebration of your distinct presence.

Join The Community

Join the community and celebrate your unique style with By Pariah’s handcrafted, sustainable jewellery. Our brand is grounded in a commitment to modern aesthetics and enduring quality, all while upholding principles of sustainable fashion. As a member of our vibrant community, you do more than wear exquisite jewellery—you champion ethical practices that have a global impact.

Stay ahead with their community engagement efforts on Instagram and Facebook, which ensure you receive exclusive updates and offers, deepening your connection with the brand. When you sign up for their newsletter, you not only stay up to date on the most recent products from a popular brand among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts, but you also become a part of a movement that values the allure and stories of raw, natural materials.

Discover a realm where each jewellery piece narrates a distinct tale—yours. By choosing By Pariah, you embrace a journey of exceptional craftsmanship and conscientious fashion. Join them and voice your commitment to sustainable fashion, where your choices make a significant difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Founder of by Pariah?

Sophie Howard is the founder of By Pariah, known for her commitment to using natural materials and promoting sustainability. Her designs emphasize timeless craftsmanship, appealing to those who value both style and ethical production practices.

How Do I Know if Jewellery Is Valuable?

Although appearances can be deceptive, accurately assessing the value of jewellery involves verifying the authenticity of the materials, examining the quality of craftsmanship, and obtaining evaluations from qualified experts. Accurate knowledge of its worth could prove to be highly beneficial.


As you explore the world of Pariah Jewellery, you’ll discover how ethically sourced materials and expert craftsmanship in gold vermeil earrings can enhance your unique style.

Consider Emma’s experience: her individuality was highlighted through our custom-designed silver collection, illustrating how our pieces can become an integral part of your personal expression.

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