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Pink, Yellow & Red Diamonds: A Spectacle of Color: Rio Tinto’s Exclusive Beyond Rare Tender Showcases

A Glimpse into the World of Rare Diamonds

Rio Tinto’s highly anticipated Beyond Rare TenderTM collection has recently been unveiled, offering an exclusive preview to a select group of international diamond aficionados, collectors, and prominent jewelers in Geneva and Antwerp. This prestigious event marks a significant moment in the world of luxury gemstones, featuring an awe-inspiring assortment of rare pink, yellow, and red diamonds.

Video From a Previous Rio Tinto ‘Beyond Rare’ Tender

The Beyond Rare TenderTM Collection – A Rarity Unveiled

The Beyond Rare TenderTM collection comprises 48 lots of exceptional polished diamonds. These include legacy inventory of pink and red diamonds from the world-renowned Argyle diamond mine and yellow diamonds from the Diavik diamond mine. This carefully curated collection is not just a showcase of gemstones but a celebration of nature’s extraordinary and rare beauties.

European Debut – A Continental Affair

Patrick Coppens, the General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Rio Tinto’s diamond division, expressed his enthusiasm about presenting this exquisite collection in Europe. He emphasized the importance of Geneva and Antwerp in the development and appreciation of colored diamonds over the past decades.

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Section 3: The Art Series – Where Diamonds Meet Art

Taking inspiration from the art world, The Art Series is an invitation-only event that treats each diamond as a unique natural artwork. The inaugural collection of The Art Series includes 87 diamonds, totaling 29.96 carats, and features seven ‘Masterpieces’ of Argyle Pink DiamondsTM and yellow Diavik diamonds, accompanied by bespoke artwork.

The Beyond Rare Tender – A New Era in Diamond Auctions

The Beyond Rare Tender represents a new approach in Rio Tinto’s diamond business, highlighting the strong demand for collectible natural diamonds. Heidi Creech, Business Development Manager for Rio Tinto’s diamonds business, noted,

“The Beyond Rare Tender is an important element in Rio Tinto’s ongoing commitment to the Argyle Pink DiamondsTM brand, as it continues to uphold the mesmerizing beauty of Argyle’s  pink and red diamonds together with their beautiful birthplace, status and mystique to ensure the brand integrity of the one true source of rare pink diamonds.”

A Tale of Two Mines – The Argyle and Diavik Diamonds

The Tender also showcases Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds from the Diavik mine, a beautiful contrast to the pink and red diamonds from Argyle. These yellow diamonds, a rarity in themselves, represent less than one percent of Diavik’s production, known primarily for its exceptional white diamonds.

A Closing of Bids, But an Ongoing Legacy

As bids closed on November 20, 2023, the Beyond Rare Tender has set a new benchmark in the world of high-end diamond tenders. It’s not just an auction; it’s a testament to the enduring allure and rarity of these natural wonders.

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What are red diamonds?

Red diamonds are a rare and highly sought-after type of colored diamond. They are known for their vibrant and intense red coloration.

How rare are red diamonds?

Red diamonds are considered the rarest of all colored diamonds. It is estimated that there are less than 30 true red diamonds known to exist worldwide.

What makes red diamonds different from white diamonds?

Red diamonds are unique due to their color. While white diamonds are valued for their colorlessness and brilliance, red diamonds derive their value from their rich and intense red hue. The presence of a rare and specific type of structural defect within the diamond’s crystal lattice is what gives it this distinctive color.

How are red diamonds formed?

The formation process of red diamonds is still not completely understood. It is believed that the presence of a specific type of deformation during the diamond’s growth, combined with the presence of nitrogen impurities, contributes to the formation of their red color.

Where are red diamonds found?

The majority of red diamonds are sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, which is renowned for producing some of the world’s most valuable red diamonds. However, red diamonds have also been found in Brazil, South Africa, and Russia.

Are red diamonds suitable for engagement rings?

While red diamonds can be used in engagement rings, they are not as commonly chosen as white diamonds. Red diamonds are often considered more suitable for collectors and connoisseurs of rare gemstones due to their extreme rarity and high value.

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